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The Architectural Control Committee has the responsibility to ensure a consistent interpretation and compliance with the portions of the covenants that deal with outside structures and landscaping. 
2019 Architectural Control Committee Members
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Raj Chaudhary (Chair)
Erin Murphy see directory  
Toni Szabo see directory  
In order to maintain harmonious structural design, no building for the principal use of residential dwelling or any other structure, fence, or pool may be erected on any lot, unless and until the plans and specifications therefor have been approved in writing by the Covington Shores at Knollwood Architectural Control Committee.
The Committee shall have the authority to approve all plans and specifications for all structures to be erected in the subdivision. No building or other structure shall be erected, constructed, placed, maintained, or altered on any lot, nor shall the natural topography or drainage of any lot be altered, until the construction plans for the structure or for the topographical alterations have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be entirely within its discretion. The authority of the Committee shall continue in effect for as long as these restrictions are in force.
The plans submitted must show floor plan, quality of construction, materials, outside colors to be used, harmony of external design with existing structures and location with respect to lot lines, topography and finish grade elevations. One (1) set of complete plans must be submitted to the lead person of the Committee. The Committee’s approval or disapproval as required in these covenants shall be in writing. No structure of any kind which does not comply fully with such approved plans shall be erected, constructed, placed or maintained upon any lot, and no changes or deviations in or from such plans as approved shall be made without the Committee’s prior written consent.
Please see section 3-ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL of the general and/or lake restrictions and covenants for a complete description.