New Neighbor Information

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New to Covington Shores? 
Our neighborhood has a newly created welcoming committee filled with people eager to greet our new neighbors.  If your family has moved in (since Jan. 2011) and has not been welcomed please contact us.  We want to make you feel at home and be a resource for you.  We hope you will come out to one of our neighborhood social outings.   The social committee is working hard to create fun and memorable events for everyone.
Website Registration  
If you have not yet registered on our website, please be sure to do that so you can access the password protected areas of our site.  The website is loaded with information about our neighborhood and will help you stay informed with the neighborhood activitiy.  Let us know if you need any help with the process.   
Things to do
Nearby there are many things to do:
  • Many families frequently use one of the three playgrounds at Prairie Vista when school is not in session. You can also use their tennis courts.
  • If you want to do some shopping check out University Park Mall or the boutiques around town.
  • Harris Branch Library is a great place to go and is right across from our neighborhood.
If you have time to take a day trip, there are many wonderful places to go:

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